Welded and quint boxes

Strong, robust protection – our welded cases from alloyed 2/3,5mm thick teardrop plates have been especially developed for the requirements of heavy-duty storing and transport tasks.

The protection of stuffs stored in these cases can be ensured against smaller hits, dust and splashed water.

Opening of the lid with stainless steel hinges; propping with gas-spring or strap; sealing in the lid. Assembled with one or more strong, lockable steel locks.


  • Individual dimensions

  • Wheels

  • Can be ordered from normal plate with 3mm thickness 

welded alu box

They are exclusively suitable for delivery and storage on small trucks, jeeps, even in fixable version as well.

Our standard sizes can be ordered in four versions

For storing tasks

  • without handles and gas spring (with strap)

  • without handles but with gas spring

 welded case and alu box on car

For transporting tasks

  • with handles but without gas spring  (with strap)

  • with handles and with gas spring


Type A

Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Ribs: ribs all-around
Stackable: yes

Type B

Sheet thickness: 0,8 mm
Ribs: all-around rib
Stackable: no

Type C

Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Ribs: ribs all-around and corner ribs
Stackable: no

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Type D

Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Ribs: ribs all-around and corner ribs
Stackable: yes

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MC 7 liters tool box

Welded and quint boxes


2 in 1 box set

3 in 1 box set


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