Stands for fruit-picking

fruit picking standThe fruit-picking scaffolds manufactured by Metalconstruct Zrt. are specially devel

oped for the purpose to facilitate the working process. Keeping in mind the easy movability within the garden, the transportation and the storage, we have designed such scaffolds that make the fruit picking and pruning easier.

The special design ensures the simple access to the fruit tree, the non-slipping platform and the ribbed rungs enables the safe work and the keeping the bucket in position.

We offer three different sizes and design scaffold systems that are useful in your orchard.

fruit picking stand aluminium

      Construction, design

      Material: alloyed aluminium tube, tear-drop plates with slip resistant surface ,

      Connections: straight and bent tube elements, sheets connected with welded joints


      • Light
      • Stable with 3 legs
      • small space requirement, practical 
      • maintanance-free
      • corrosion resistant, easy to clean
      • long lasting lifetime
      • walking surface can be dismounted



        fruit picking stands