Special scaffolding systems

These scaffolding systems are designed due to special customer requests. If you are interested in a special scaffolding please do not hesitate to contact our colleague:

Truck Repair Scaffold

special scaffolding manufacturer

Truck service stand


Our scaffold system is not only suitable for the building industry, but also for household activities. It is easily movable, storable and collapsible.

MC Universal Scaffold

Based on modular system, it can be assembled in 12 different heights, so buying the different parts of the basic set one stand can be used for all heights. Our products meet the requirement of the building industry and the safety standards. The guarantee for that is our ISO certificate and the EMI permission.

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MC VARIO Scaffold

If you need a professional scaffolding system for construction work we would like to recommend to have a look at our MC Vario mobile scaffolding systems! It can be assembled between 2,2 m and 11,7 mand be expanded from the height of 2,2 m.

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