Parking protectors

Aluminium parking protectorStable and durable aluminium tube construction. Suitable for most locations, apart from the drilling work to bolt down it does not require any other work to establish.


Advantages due to the aluminium construction

  • non corrosive, surface treatment is not required

  • easy to clean, simply with water

  • it does not leave a rust stain on indoor surfaces

  • aesthetic, if requested available in anodised version

  • in case of accidental collision it does not cause damage to the vehicle as a steel bollard does

  • it is much lighter in weight than the traditional steel construction therefore it is easier to move, store and transport

Recommended usage 

Ideal to protect your parking space from unwanted vehicles in units/flats, hotels, workplaces or anywhere else where a specific car bay belongs to you.


alu parking protector

1. Telescopic parking protector with padlock

It operates with one bended and two telescopic tubes which move within one another.

Weight: 3,5 kg


  • padlock with key
  • 4 reflective bands
DimensionsWidth (mm) 
Depth (mm)Height (mm)
 Standing 800 550 440
 Folded 800 900 65


metal parking protector

2. Parking bollard with padlock

The construction is made of two aluminium tubes that move within one another.

Requires minimal space.

Weight: 2,5 kg


  • padlock with key
  • 2 reflective bands
 Width (mm) Depth (mm) 
 Height (mm)
 Standing 200 200 630
 Folded 200 660 90

aluminum parking protector3. Parking protector with padlock

The construction is made of two bended aluminium tubes with stable fixed base.

Weight: 5,5 kg


  • padlock with key
  • 1 reflective band
Dimensions Width (mm) 
Depth (mm) 
 Height (mm)
 Standing 400 500 560
 Folded 400 720 45