MC VARIO 850/1450 mobile scaffold

The scaffold can be used both indoors and outdoors for constructional purposes.

It can be stored in small place, can be transported easily, and it is simple to set up or move.

Can be ordered with:

  • 3 different platform length (1.8 m, 2.5 m, 3 m)

  • simple (0.85 m) or double (1.45 m) widths

  • can be built up from 2.2 m to 11.7 m working
    height thank to the variable elements of the

The tower is composed of the main components specified and quantified in the respective component schedules.

Within the  MC Vario scaffolding system 2 versions are distinguished according to the width of the platform:

In the 1450 width system 2 platforms are located aside on a given level.


Main extents of the towers (optional)

  • lengths: 1800, 2500 or 3000 mm (the lengths of platforms)

  • widths: 850 mm and 1450 mm (frame span-widths)

  • platform heights: minimal platform height 1,70 m, after options by 0,50 m steps up to a maximal indoor platform height of  11,70 m, outdoors 7,70 m

After assembly, the tower has one working platform only.


The maximum safe working load of the tower

- 1,5 kN concentrated ( on a 500x500 mm surface), corresponding to 150 kg, or

- 2 kN/m2 distributed load (according to MSZ EN 1004:2005)


The stability of tower is provided by stabilisers and guardrails.

The mobility of the tower is given by the built-in castors of Ø150/ Ø 200 mm.

The main components are made of aluminium alloy
profiles and cast aluminium parts, in a welded outfit.


Our scaffold system is not only suitable for the building industry, but also for household activities. It is easily movable, storable and collapsible.

 MC Universal Scaffold

Based on modular system, it can be assembled in 12 different heights, so buying the different parts of the basic set one stand can be used for all heights. Our products meet the requirement of the building industry and the safety standards. The guarantee for that is our ISO certificate and the EMI permission.

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Special scaffolding systems

These scaffolding systems are designed due to special customer requests.