Collapsible workbench

metal workbenchDue to the strength of the beech benchtop and the stable aluminium frame it's maximum loading is 350 kg.



  • requires little space and easily transportable when folded

  • non corrosive, easy to clean

  • very simple and easy to attach working tools and other equipment onto the benchtop by way of drilling or screwing

  • stable and long lasting
    aluminium workbench
  • useful both in the service and manufacturing industry

  • the benchtop has a flat aluminium cover around it's edge to protect it from getting damaged


Recommended to

  • workplaces in both the metal and wood manufacturing industry

  • small businesses, workshops

  • for mobile- and service businesses

  • for the home handyman for hobby and carpentry purposes
Item number Depth (mm) Length (mm)Height (mm) Weight (~kg)Benchtop
10007008502830 mm thick beech multilayer plywood
9201003612007508503330 mm thick beech multilayer plywood

 foldable metal workbench