Car Trezor

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Have your valuables like laptop, tablet or handbag ever been stolen from your car? Unfortunately it can happen to you in some seconds.

It’s quite uncomfortable if you have to take all your valuables with yourself even in case of a short stop.

The solution is:

Car trezor

It’s a lightweight, portable suitcase, which can easily be fixed into your car’s boot. It offers a solution against casual thieves and this way it protects your personal items during your journey.


can quickly and easily fixed into your car’s boot (with fix or flexible fastening).

The aluminium base material facilitates an easy but still safe storage. In addition it’s rustproof and easy to clean.  

car safe
The box can be locked with 2 toggle locks in order to provide secure place for your belongings.  

The Car Trezor is equipped with 2 spring handles for the easy lifting into and out of the boot. The lid is self-opening, which can help a lot when you have to put your valuables into the box with one hand. 

metal car safe

It’s available in different sizes so that it fits into your car’s boot.
Example of available internal measures 485 x 385 x 143 mm.

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