Aluminium boxes

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Our aluminium boxes are made of different thick alloyed plates and profiles in a wide range of sizes with several additional facilities, providing the best solution for your transportation, packaging and storing problems. Our standard boxes are available in 20 different sizes. Our engineer team also provides personalized solutions for the special requests. 
Whether you need a box for industrial or private use, extreme conditions or office use, military or food regulations you will find a box from our wide product range. Nevertheless, we can fulfill special inquiries. 
aluminium box, aluminium case
1. Handles: Stable aluminium handle with plastic suspension bracket, which can be placed on the lid or the side as well. The maximum load capacity is 50 kg/handle.
2. Corner castings: the boxes are produced in stackable versions as well, which is provided by the aluminium corner castings mounted onto the four corners of the lid.
3. Toggle-locks: Made of aluminium or stainless steel, and the 6.5 mm boreholes enable to use seal or lock.
4. Rivets: For standard boxes we use pop-rivets, but solid rivets can be used as well.
aluminum box
5. Hinges and piano hinges
We use stainless steel hinges for normal cases and stainless steel piano hinges for welded and quint cases.
6. Reinforcement ribs: with all-round and/or corner ribs upon sizes
7. Rubber sealing: it can be applied in the upper profile of the lower part of the case or in the lid protecting against dust and water.
8. Strap: The lid is held by 2 pieces of black straps and it also protects the lid from opening backwards.
9. Fitting of mantle sheets: The overlapping of the body of the mantle sheet is done by dot welding.
10. Frame profile: The fastening of the sheet to the cover, bottom and the upper frame profile is done by form-fitting, rolling or dot welding ( B type).
11. Sheets: 0,6 -3 mm thick plane or 2/3.5 mm tear-drop plates
Supplementary solutions
12. Logo and label: logo, label or identification number can be applied onto the sheet of the mantle or the lid, with imprints or stickers.
aluminum lock box
13. Painted design: upon request the boxes can be painted according to the RAL code
military metal box
14. Wood or aluminium reinforcements: they can be applied as extra reinforcements either on to the bottom or in the lid.
aluminum box with reinforcement
15. Locking mechanism: In order to protect the content of the box we offer extra locking mechanism with key.
aluminium box lock
16. Document holder: it is useful for storing delivery notes or other documentations depending on the size ( A/4 or A/5).
aluminum box with display
17. Gas spring: used for welded and tear-drop cases in order to keep the lid in opened position. It also can be ordered with straps.
Aluminium box with gas spring
18. Trolley:  for moving the boxes aluminium trolleys (low or high) can be ordered in different sizes.
aluminum trolley
19. Wheels: The boxes can be equipped with two or four wheels.
 wheel aluminium box
20. Aluminium pallets under the boxes: for moving the cases aluminium pallets can be welded under them.
21. Sealing: for extra protection: at the junction of the lawer frame and the mantle sheet.
22. Polifoam inlay: For protection of the stored goods.
23. Ventilating sleeves and holes: In case of the need of free air ventillation accesss any them can be used.
Metal box with ventillation holes
Why is it worth to choose aluminium boxes?
Because they are light weight, solid, corrosion resistant, hygienic, durable, have an optimal size, recyclable, cost effective long term investments, that protects the objects stored inside.
The great advantage of these products is that we can eliminate the packaging costs, as they can be used several times saving the extra charges.
Compared to the other one-way or multi-way reusable devices, the main advantage of the aluminium products is that after the repeated use, the metal content the metal content worth considerable value.
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      Type A

Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Ribs: ribs all-around
Stackable: yes

      Type B
Sheet thickness: 0,8 mm
Ribs: all-around rib
Stackable: no
      Type C

Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Ribs: ribs all-around and corner ribs
Stackable: no

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     Type D

Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Ribs: ribs all-around and corner ribs
Stackable: yes

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