3 in 1 boxes

3 aluminium box, alubox, aluminum box, metal box3 pieces of light aluminium cases, which can be packed in one another and stored in a small room, when not used.

Our 3-1 boxes are useful for storage and carrige purposes, where, if not in use, they only take up a small space, even during transport.

Description of basic design:

  • sheet: 0,8 mm3 aluminium box

  • all-round ribs – for better reinforcement

  • handles – stable aluminium handles with a plastic rotating part – loadability: 50 kg

  • locks – aluminium locks with a hole of 6,5 mm – padlock or seal can be mounted

  • black straps – 2 pcs of  20 mm wide – to keep the lid in an open position

  • rubber sealing – for IP54 protection (against dust and splashing water)

  • rustproof hinges

Fields of application:

For carriage, storage and package aims (logistics, store technologies, car / food industry and also for keeping files).

Please contact:

Ildikó Jánosi  

Mobil: 00 36 30 757 1448 
Tel:    00 36 76 482 233 (ext.:128)


Type A

Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Ribs: ribs all-around
Stackable: yes

Type B

Sheet thickness: 0,8 mm
Ribs: all-around rib
Stackable: no

Type C

Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Ribs: ribs all-around and corner ribs
Stackable: no

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Type D

Sheet thickness: 1 mm
Ribs: ribs all-around and corner ribs
Stackable: yes

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